Wednesday, August 25, 2010

IVF Proceedure In Gyno IVF Centre Kerala, India

Introduction.IVF is the procedure in which fertilization of egg and sperm is done in laboratory to form embryo and it is then transferred into the uterus. (Womb)It is done for infertile couples who cannot
conceive naturally or by IUI.
Indication for IVF.
Female infertility due to tubal block, endometriosis,
pelvic infection, fibroid, Adenomyosis, anovulatory, PCOS, are some indications.
Low sperm count or reduced motility of sperm due to various reasons are also an indication. Unexplained infertility in both.
Success depends on the quality of egg, sperm and the embryo which in term is depended on the patient. Younger the age, higher the success rate. It is also depended on pelvic health. Damage to ovaries due to endometriosis or adhesion can reduce success.
At the time of periods start injection in 2nd or 3rd day. Daily injections for 10 to 14 days. After that ultra sound scan. Certain blood test to check hormone level will also be done by hospital. The development of eggs is monitored on ultra sound scan and dose of injection, will be altered accordingly. Once eggs are ready, patient will be given a different injection called HCG before egg collection (OR), which may be during night, so patient get admitted for 1 or 2 days till OR. Egg collection will be done by ultra sound scan guided aspiration, under anesthesia, patient will be discharged home after recovery, by evening Mild discomfort in lower abdomen or spotting is normal after that. Some patients have distended abdomen and gas formation also; there is no need to worry, as there are body’s changes to egg collection and ovarian stimulation. Very rarely patient requires admission and medicine for hyper stimulation.

If husband has TESA/PESA, it will be done under GA on the date informed by doctor as needed, as doctors are making embryos and scanning and planning treatment. Moreover, the detail of eggs, embryos and quality becomes clear only after few days by embryo transfer.

Patient will be given medicines to take orally and keep vaginally. Next is embryo transfer. In this time patient will be in mild sedation during embryo transfer (E.T.) The procedure of putting embryo in uterus is very simple, but has to be done with lot of care and concentration in dark atmosphere.

After ET rest as advised. do urine pregnancy test/blood test according to advice from hospital If test is negative, it needs repeated after 2-3 days. Do not stop medicine at all. Once Result is confirmed positive Dr Will advice further medicine or may include injections also, which needs to be taken up to 3 months of pregnancy.

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