Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Story Of Surrogate Women

Name: XYZ
Age: 30 years
Married: 12 years
Children: 4
Job: asking loan from everyone known.
Husband job: Drinking, when time permits beating wife.
Moments of happiness: none
Moments of desperation and tears: daily
Attitude from society: no need to explain

The most marked thing about her, was her beauty, but after hearing her story, it was clear that it was a curse on her. Although she was good in studies, her looks led to guys following her all the time.

At last she ran off with this young handsome man, who was adoring her all the time. The expectation of life was nothing less than a fairy tale. Life had a different toll waiting for her. After the first childish birth her husband started having doubts on her. He started drinking heavily and lost his job. Then he did odd jobs on off, and by the birth of their third child, they lost almost everything, in the way of booze.

As her family was not supporting her, she did not have any place to get away. Fourth time she missed her periods, she went to a centre for termination, but could not afford the amount that they claimed. The beatings that she endured almost every night were not as painful as the look on her children’s hungry face. Several times she contemplated suicide, but the nun friend in the nearby convent kept giving her hopes from the stories of the bible.

It was the nun who actually supported her in her discussion in going for surrogacy, after she saw that in a magazine she felt a ray of hope for the future of her children. She wanted all the 3 girls and her boy to get some education, so that they do not end up like her. Surprisingly her husband agreed to that idea, when he understood that, it will bring financial help; As the baby is inserted in a very early stage into the womb and because it is belonging to biological parents, he did not have any reluctance in his wife becoming surrogate. Luckily she conceived in the first attempt of embryo transfer after ivf and had a smooth pregnancy till the end. She opted to stay in the hospital for the 9 months, as she knew her husband’s character. Good nourishment and rest restored her physical and mental health tremendously. She started to laugh and tell jokes and talking to her kids on the mobile phone, who were now being taken care by the nun. Surprisingly the moment she started sending money, her husband changed his attitude. He stopped threatening her, which further boosted her confidence; with the help of the nun, she booked a small house in a 3 cent plot, which she bought later. She was more than happy to give the baby to their parents, and for first time in her life, felt that she did something worthy.

The cash that was left was put in fixed deposit in the names of children for their education and she also found a job as care taker in the convent nursery school.

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