Friday, September 3, 2010

FAQ of Patients (infertility questions which is published in Indian express)

1) Dr. We are married 10 years, husbands carry problems of no sperm is there any chance of  Pregnancy?

Your husband can have detailed check-up, if it is due to blockage, then you can have ICSI treatment after sperm collection by aspiration (TESA/PESA)
In this treatment eggs and sperms are collected and fertilized in lab and the embryo is repeat back into uterus. If there is no sperm production at all, then the only option is by donor sperm IUI.

2) My wife is suffering from endometriosis and her tube test was done, which said both tube blocked. What treatment should we have for achieving pregnancy?

She can have laparoscopic surgery to evaluate and correct tubal block if it is corrected she can conceive naturally. If the tubes are very badly damaged it is better to opt for IVF, in which Eggs are collected through scan guided aspiration and fertilized in lab. It is better to do earlier rather than late as age is the most important determining factor for success.

3) We are married for 4 years, husband is diabetic, he is having low count of sperm all other tests are normal according to doctors. Why we are not conceiving after treatment?

Hopefully your tubes have been checked and confirmed patent (open).

Husband needs to control diabetes by diet, exercise, any infection should be treated. (Semen Culture). After medical treatment and improvement of semen, IUI can be performed, in which washed sperms are deposited inside uterus during the time of ovulation to achieve pregnancy. Sometime it can take 4-6 attempts of IUI. If count is very low you may require ICSI.

4) I have undergone ICSI 6 times and everything failed. Is there any other treatment option, as I am suffering from severe endometriosis and had 2 laparoscopic mayomectomies? We tried for adaptation and failed because of age problem.

You can consider surrogacy, where you will have your egg and husband’s sperm fertilized by IVF being kept in a third persons (healthy) uterus to achieve a child. Volunteering persons can be your friend or relative or a healthy person arranged by hospital. Some people opt for a donor egg with husband’s sperm during surrogacy when they don’t have healthy egg.

5) Doctor will you please inform me, if there is any way I can have a child. As I was getting periods only with medicines, we did genetic testing and they told me, I have turner syndrome.

Unfortunately in this problem your ovaries will not produce eggs. There is a method called donor egg programme. There for you can have someone to donate eggs to help you achieve pregnancy by fertilizing that egg with husband’s sperm by IVF method.

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